Urubu à tête rouge / Turkey Vulture

Image by Eric Bégin via Flickr


Traffic paused today

4 vultures hopped in a line across the road for breakfast

stilted legs bouncing in anticipation

angered drivers cursing their joyous romp

The vultures ignored the blaring horns

fists pumping outside of windows

curses flying from mouths

hurled in anger

Curses are not important

to those who feast on death for breakfast.

Here is where you can find more things that spew from my mind:

My entire writing career began with a poem that would not let me go. Days and days of words floating through my mind, stuck like a song you cannot get out of your head. I wrote them down and still love it. My Warrior.

Averted Eyes – my poetic take on the homeless children in this country.

LESSONS, a poem about love’s pain and tenderness, will be published by The Stray Branch, #8, Fall/Winter 2011.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, a poem about life experiences and how they affect relationships was published by Moon Washed Kisses in their debut. It will be available on this site starting February 11, 2010 at 1am EST as part of the “Spreading the Love” Valentine’s Weekend blog hop. Now Available On This Site.

DARK ENCOUNTER, a poem about the darker things lurking beneath, is now available in Strange, Weird, & Wonderful’s Summer 2010 Issue. My work is on page 56 of the FREE PDF file.

FOLDED IN DARKNESS, a poem about hiding in shadows, is being published by Dark Horizons. Issue 57, September 2010.

BLOOD BOUND, a poem of love and vampirism was accepted for publication by House of Horror , for Issue 17. *** was chosen to be in House Of Horrors 2010 Anthology! I am honored.

DRAGON’S BREATH was published at Thirteen Myna Birds. It has since become unavailabl e on their site.


One Response to Poetry

  1. jackprimus says:

    Impressive list. Congrats

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