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Check out my poem ‘Cloud Dancer’ over at Mark of the Stars today.

Jessica is a regular participant in Six Sentence Sunday and writes reviews. Go show her some love!

She even put up a real picture of me. Wow. It’s big.

Happy Friday!


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Contagion released!

In Celebration of Contagion’s release two days ago – here are six more from this story. Our heroine Tessa is having a tough day and she doesn’t want to hear anymore.

Kyl followed her. “It’s true. You know I would not lie to you.”
“If you tell me I just have to believe, or I can tap my heels together, I’m getting the fly swatter, fairy-man.” Her chest nearly burned with the rapid breaths. The dizziness would have knocked her over, but the sharp pain of loss and betrayal somehow kept her spine straight. She leaned on the nearest counter to keep from passing out.

There are lines I love no matter how often I go through the story. Mine is in that snippet. Still makes me laugh!

Remember to check out the other offerings –


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Contagion Released Today!

Today I’m celebrating the release of Contagion. It is the first in a series I will be writing, Summer Fae Series.

The blurb and and excerpt of the story are available here. You can purchase the story from my Publishers site:

Thanks for all of my lovely writer friends who support me!

You can find little snippets of this story on this site. I have posted 6 sentences from it each sunday for the last month!


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Contagion Six Sentences

Contagion is nearing release!

Killing became easier when her survival dependent on it. She, Kyl, and his oldest four children hunted every Sunday just before dawn at the lake a hundred yards into the back woods. She wouldn’t kill rabbits or the horses that were now wild. Kyl never understood it and she never quite explained who Thumper was; only that she could kill Bambi to survive, but not Thumper. He simply shook his head and sent his sons to kill any rabbits they needed to make winter clothing.


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Free Poem Friday – Averted Eyes

My personal take on the plight of the homeless. This image was really driven home by the background shots in New Orleans after Katrina. I watched the haunted faces in the background, not the painted faces on camera.

Averted Eyes

We see their faces staring at us

From alleyways and behind doors

Eyes darting up and down the street

They see more on our faces

Than we see on theirs

Our pity and guilt written on our souls

The children cannot go to school

They cannot play in the park

Yet we never stop to give a hug

To a young soul growing old too quickly

They ask their parents not for toys

Not for games nor parties

But simply a roof to sleep under

The same roof we curse for leaking

To them is a glorious indoor shower

The furniture we throw out on the street

Is their playground and bedroom

Young eyes turn to you on the street

with one question in the air

Can you spare a smile?

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Thursday Treats: Let’s Go to the Beach

Or as close as we can get in the freezing cold!

I want to be HERE!

*cough* How’d HE get in here?  Well, if the beach alone isn’t warm enough for you, Daniel Craig should raise the temperature!


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Six Sentence Sunday – Coming Home Released

Here is a snippet from my story that released yesterday:

Quietly Elden came in and tucked her in for the night, as Lyn called for her husband and child in her sleep.

He returned to the kitchen to meet Isla, who greeted him with a warm hug.

“Honey, you look terrible,” she said.

“She is still mourning her family. Her glow has faded so much it is hard to recognize.” Tears formed in the small brownie’s eyes, concern for the child he helped raise overshadowed his fear of losing the land and house he had loved for a century.

“Did she eat?” asked his wife, ever the worried mother.

Click the image to go to the Decadent Publishing site to purchase the book.

If you have a Kindle – You can find the book on Amazon RIGHT HERE.
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