Contagion Six Sentences

Contagion is nearing release!

Killing became easier when her survival dependent on it. She, Kyl, and his oldest four children hunted every Sunday just before dawn at the lake a hundred yards into the back woods. She wouldn’t kill rabbits or the horses that were now wild. Kyl never understood it and she never quite explained who Thumper was; only that she could kill Bambi to survive, but not Thumper. He simply shook his head and sent his sons to kill any rabbits they needed to make winter clothing.



About Graylin Fox

Urban Fantasy Author
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35 Responses to Contagion Six Sentences

  1. Lisa Fox says:

    Is it awful that I find it funny that she would kill Bambi but not Thumper? Probably. Great six!

  2. And the conflict starts… Great excerpt! 🙂

  3. liiaann says:

    Oohh a Disney reference! lol That made my Sunday
    I can’t wait for this to come out.

  4. Kerrianne says:

    Im sorry, i would totally choose to kill thumper over bambi! LOL Great six!

  5. hthurmeier says:

    Poor Bambi. Well, I always liked Thumper better too! Great snippet.

  6. Stacey Kennedy says:

    First…I LOVE that cover!! So pretty!! Aw, kill Bambi…poor sweet deer!!

  7. Ann Mayburn says:

    lol- No, not Thumper! Good stuff.

  8. Well, Bambi always has been a little annoying!

  9. jayel kaye says:

    I’m definately Team Bambi. Thumper would be toast! Toasted Thumper…I wonder if Martha Stewart has a recipe for that?

  10. Layna says:

    An intriguing post. Congrats on the upcoming release!

  11. Cate Masters says:

    Loved this! Beautiful cover too. Congrats on your upcoming release!

  12. Eleri Stone says:

    I think I’d off Thumper before Bambi.

  13. I agree. Save Thumper! (I still have a plush toy.)

  14. Gem Sivad says:

    At least you spared the horses. 🙂

  15. Emily Cale says:

    I agree with everyone else: Save Thumper! Also, awesome cover.

  16. P. Kirby says:

    Seeing as how we are currently spending a small fortune on expensive, prescription dog food that contains rabbit and potato, I say Thumper, definitely. We could save loads of money on dog food.

    Congratulations on your coming release!

  17. Pippa Jay says:

    Well, one Bambi would feed more people than one Thumper. I can’t believe I said that!

  18. Alanna Coca says:

    Whew. Thumper is safe. What about Flower? 😎

  19. JM says:

    Being a farm girl, I have to admit I’ve eaten pleanty of both. Bambi is definitely tastier, though.

  20. Bambi? Or Thumper? What a choice! Has she considered going vegan?

    Enjoyed your six.

  21. Living on an island with many adorable spring fawns–I’d second Laurie’s thought.

  22. Casi says:

    That’s intriguing. It makes me want to find out why he doesn’t know basic animated animal icons.

  23. I share your sentiments for Thumper. He’s smaller and so cute. I can’t look in Bambi’s eyes and say I’d kill him to survive either. Maybe there’s another option. Mushrooms anyone?

    Congrats on your upcoming on your upcoming release.

  24. Marie Dees says:

    Oh, that hits hard. I have trouble even watching TV shows where they lioness has to kill the zebra to feed her cubs.

  25. Great Six!

    I’d have to say Bambi. Thumper is like stringy, greasy chicken, whereas Bambi is closer to really rich beef.


  26. I would have a hard time with Thumper, too! LOL. Great Six!

  27. I’d have a hard time with Bambi or Thumper! LOL

    But excellent Six.

  28. Dee Carney says:

    Sorry, I’m in the kill Thumper, save Bambi camp. Ha!

  29. yes! Save the bunnies! They’re so cute and fluffy 🙂

    Great six!

  30. Bambi, awww! And, my, what a pretty cover you have 🙂

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