Free Poem Friday – Averted Eyes

My personal take on the plight of the homeless. This image was really driven home by the background shots in New Orleans after Katrina. I watched the haunted faces in the background, not the painted faces on camera.

Averted Eyes

We see their faces staring at us

From alleyways and behind doors

Eyes darting up and down the street

They see more on our faces

Than we see on theirs

Our pity and guilt written on our souls

The children cannot go to school

They cannot play in the park

Yet we never stop to give a hug

To a young soul growing old too quickly

They ask their parents not for toys

Not for games nor parties

But simply a roof to sleep under

The same roof we curse for leaking

To them is a glorious indoor shower

The furniture we throw out on the street

Is their playground and bedroom

Young eyes turn to you on the street

with one question in the air

Can you spare a smile?


About Graylin Fox

Urban Fantasy Author
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