Well I finally did it. With the help of some wonderful techie folks at iPage (Thanks Rex!) I was able to get my site moved back to my domain. HELLOoooo HTML!

This site will remain up for a while, since it shows up on the search engines regularly for everything. I’ll start posting from my domain tomorrow and will slowly faze this site out as the traffic moves.


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Sexy Elf Saturday 5/14/11

I find this HOT! Explains a lot about my choice in high school boyfriends.

Have a great weekend! Graylin

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Fairy Friday 5/13/11

Again, showing my love for Nene Thomas. This one is titled – “Innocence”

Have a beautiful weekend,


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Ogres Away!

I knew what kinds of creatures would be my bad guys when I first saw pictures of Ogres. Then when I read they eat humans? Bonus! Perfect bad guys.

Of course, nothing is that simple. The word Ogre is used to describe most hideous, ugly, giant sized carnivorous creatures. A stereotype Mike Myers poked with a large green stick in Shrek. They are frequently depicted as hairy, stupid, with appalling personal hygiene. Including breath that will melt your face.

Known for having a voracious appetite, they are usually depicted with large heads, covered with hair, devouring human flesh ravenously. This particular aspect makes them the perfect villain.

Ogres have existed in fiction and myth for millennia. The word Ogre could possibly derive from the two mythical giants Gog and Magog (or from the Greek river god Oiagros, father of Orpheus). In one of my reference books, The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures, John and Caitlin Matthews attribute the ogres origin to Perrault in Contes (1697). In 12th century France authors portrayed England as the Kingdom of Ogres.

It seems the one quality of ogres, Shrek the exception, across myths is cannibalism. They are the bogeyman in your nightmares, they scare even the bravest of warriors/knights. It is one thing to die at your enemies hand, it’s entirely different to know you are on his menu.

If you check out Coming Home and Contagion you’ll see how I used ogres.

For Contagion I had to find the answer to: “Do ogres cook their food?”

What do you think?


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Six Sunday 5/8/11 – Summer Fae 2

I’ve tentatively titled this book “Family” – We’ll see if it sticks throughout the writing process. I love the relationships in this series. Seems our heroine has some questions to ask before they set off on their trip.

Before Tessa could ask about the magic he disappeared once again.
To her right as she turned her head to ask a Jasper she saw his hide blush peak and he lowered his head slowly. “Something you need to tell me?”
The answer didn’t come right way. As the Dragon seemed unnaturally preoccupied with picking dirt out from underneath his fingernails. “Um. I thought Kyle would have told you about that.”


Check out the others: .

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Resilience – September 11, 2001

Soon after the horrific terrorist acts of 9/11/2001, I sat down to write out how I felt. As a poet, words come easily. But on that day they came with wracking sobs and tears. As we celebrate the death of Bin Laden today, I share the words I wrote back then:


The smoke still rises from NY and DC

the work could take months to complete

but we excel at repair and rebuild.


We fought to build this country

and defend it we will

our principles cannot be torn by bombs.


You have awakened a nation

that didn’t know it was asleep

and when you attack us from the outside

We descend on you as ONE.


Bodies were broken and torn

families have been ripped apart

You have caused a wound we will never forget

but it will heal.


The anger of hundreds of millions

are now pointed at a few thousand

and we are not alone.


The world will not stand still

you have no place to hide

flashlights are now being carried

by every nation and nationality

~even your own.


Our flag can be blown apart

but everyone of us carries

the threads in our souls

it will always fly.


Graylin Fox Sept 12, 2001.

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Six Sentences of Summer Fae

I love my recently released short story, Contagion. Working on edits for it sparked plot bunnies for the next book in the series. Seriously. As much as I said I would never write long, I have outlined seven full chapters and all of the scenes. This could actually grow up to be full length novel! *thud*

So starting today I’ll share sentences from the upcoming second in the Summer Fae series. This is the raw WIP.

“The Summer Fae are fairy’s, elves, dragons, wizards, and goblins. Most of the living things in the Otherworld are Summer Fae. Only a few creatures are considered Winter Fae, or the slang, Dark Fae.”
“Matthew,” Tessa whispered.
“Yes, Matthew now is Winter Fae. His work with dark magic tainted him and turned his skin darker, his hair and eyes black.”
“His eyes were green,” she said.
“Really? His eyes are still green? Interesting.”

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